Align your marketing and sales teams to drive more revenue.

Too often marketing and sales teams are out of alignment, directly impacting a businesses ability to increase sales. The Cooperate platform ensures marketing and sales stay aligned, enabling both teams to work together to generate more leads and drive more revenue.

Aligning marketing and sales to the same Customer Journey

If marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned to the same customer journey, they’re chasing different goals.

The Customer Journey Mapping tool in Cooperate enables teams to build actionable customer journeys – encompassing key stages that a customer moves through on the marketing and sales path to purchase.

Teams can manage multiple customer journeys for different brands, personas and markets. Campaigns, content and assets can be linked to multiple journeys and stages, providing immediate insight into how your marketing activity and sales collateral is aligning to your journey goals.

Coordinate and centralise sales enablement material

Once sales collateral has been handed over from marketing to sales, marketing has no insight into how the collateral is being used and it’s effectiveness against the customer journey. Whereas sale teams struggle to know which version to use and when collateral should be best used to maximise a sales opportunity.

By managing and storing sales enablement material in the Cooperate platform marketing teams can ensure that collateral is up to date and aligned to the right brand messaging for the right stage, sales can easily access the right version and know when that collateral should be used in alignment to the customer journey. And best of all, both teams know how effective the material is (or isn’t) so the content can be optimised as required.

“Cooperate was recommended to us, recognising the challenges we had managing multiple different brands and marketing teams. The platform has been a godsend for us, in terms of being able to communicate to our various audiences.”

Paula Gething, CMO
Intowork Australia

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