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Reduce brand risk with compliant content, produced easily at scale.

Releasing non-compliant or off-brand content can have serious consequences.

Designed to reduce brand risk by providing visibility and control over your brand, Cognitives enables marketing teams to transform how they manage their marketing activities, resources and performance – especially in highly-regulated industries.

Visibility: Ensure brand consistency

Delivering consistent, relevant and compliant content at scale across multiple marketing channels is a tough challenge for brands to overcome. Having clear visibility over all marketing activity is key to ensuring compliant brand-aligned content in a cost-effective way.

The Cooperate platform gives brands a holistic view over all of their marketing activity, providing a clear line of sight over what content is being produced, who’s using it, and where it’s being used – across all teams, channels and regions.

Collaborate: Ensure team alignment

Producing compliant but engaging content in multiple mediums, and across a wide variety of channels requires a number of people from different teams to be involved. Whether it’s creative, agency, digital marketing or legal, the Cooperate platform enables many teams and people to easily collaborate across all marketing activities. 

By improving collaboration through a centralised marketing operations platform, brands can produce more engaging content that is both on-brand and compliant.

Streamline: Get more done, faster

Compliance can be a real blocker to producing great marketing content at scale, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right workflows and approval process, and a centralised platform for managing all marketing content and campaigns, brands can now easily produce compliant content at scale.

The Cooperate platform reduces brand risk while increasing your marketing team’s efficiency, by applying flexible workflows to your content production processes your team can get more done faster, and you can be confident that your content is on-brand and compliant.

Results: Increase performance

The volume of content needed to drive marketing has exploded in the past few years, from digital advertising creative, to email copy, to articles and white papers, to video and social, the list goes on. This increase in the amount of content required has also increased the pressure on marketing teams to produce great content at scale.

With the Cooperate platform all marketing activity is managed from one centralised place, and organisations can get better insight into how their teams are performing, and whether the content assets being produced are being used effectively across numerous marketing campaigns and channels.

“Cooperate gives us that holistic view, that vision of ‘this is working, this isn’t working’ and the ability to move quickly and stick to our strategy.”

Kate Brown, Global Social and Content Marketing Manager
Soho Flordis International (SFI)

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