Integrate your content assets with your marketing activity.

Connect your content assets with your marketing activity, getting better visibility over how assets are being used across your organisation.

How do you integrate content assets with your marketing activity?

Content Workflows

Visualise and manage the entire content asset and creative production process. Workflows can be templated for all types of content, facilitating collaboration and ensure production stays on-track.

Integrated Assets

Integrate your content assets with your marketing activities, enabling your team to access the right assets at the right time, directly from the activities they’re working on. Centralise access to all of your marketing content, files and assets.

Asset Manager (DAM)

Our Enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management (DAM) capability enables you to manage and control access to assets across markets, brands and teams across your organisation. Providing smarter version control and customisable access permissions to manage assets with ease.

“Cooperate was recommended to us, recognising the challenges we had managing multiple different brands and marketing teams. The platform has been a godsend for us, in terms of being able to communicate to our various audiences.”

Paula Gething, CMO
Intowork Australia

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